What Sets Us Apart

Kids Love PebblePath – and Parents Do, Too!

With warmth, good humor, lots of praise, and extensive patience, PebblePath Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics sets children on the path to a lifetime of beautifully healthy smiles!

For Dr. Thien Tran, Dr. Laurie Parks, and our team, earning a child’s trust – and that of their family – is core to our practice. We are skilled, experienced professionals who are also kind, attentive, and personable: we welcome everyone as friends and care for them as family!

Our goal is to be your children’s dental home, where they are heard, respected, and treasured for who they are. We want to help raise generations of children who love going to the dentist and are excited to maintain healthy, beautiful smiles – for life!

A Dual-Specialty Practice

PebblePath provides children’s dental care and orthodontic treatment for all ages. As a division of Stonebridge Dental, we offer advanced treatment and collaborate with specialists to coordinate care for complex situations.

Our doctors ensure children’s mouths develop correctly and that each “graduates” to a general practice with their healthiest, most wonderful smile!

Family-Centered Appointments: Dr. Tran and Dr. Parks are dedicated to forming connections with families. They are attentive listeners and seek to understand parents’ expectations and concerns. Likewise, they are skilled at forming bonds with children, treating each gently and respectfully, and using age-appropriate language.

Both doctors put children’s welfare and comfort at the forefront, always thinking, “If this little one was mine, how would I proceed?”

Partnering with Parents: We invite parents to accompany their child during visits, as their presence helps to calm an anxious child. It also creates a space and time where we talk about what’s happening in the child’s mouth, show parents what we are seeing, and discuss areas of concern.

When children see their parents are comfortable with us, they relax and start participating in the visit. Asking questions, talking about their teeth, and expressing their wishes are all part of children becoming excited about taking care of their oral health and we encourage it!

Informed Care: We work closely with parents to design treatment, walking through different approaches, discussing what needs to be done, and why it’s important.

When we have agreed on a treatment plan, we talk with the child about the process. Using a show-tell-do approach, everyday language, and lots of encouragement, we make sure they are comfortable proceeding. If they’re not ready, then we wait until they are!

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

We invite you to schedule a complimentary visit at our McKinney pediatric dentistry and orthodontic office. This a time for us to get to know each other, talk about your expectations, and help your children see that ours is a safe, fun, and kid-friendly space! Please contact us, today!

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